Welcome to Images For PBE Wikia! Our team of admins hope you enjoy your uploading experience.

This page is a tutorial involving how images are uploaded to this wiki and transferred to other wikis.

Step 1

The first step is very simple; simply upload an image to the Images for PBE Wiki's Gallery!

You should see it appear on the page, like so:


Step 2

Open the image's page. If you don't know how to do this, just click on the image, and then click on the link in the top-left corner:


If you are on Mobile, simply tap on your image!

Step 3

Once you have reached the page, select a size for your image! For reference, images beginning with 640 x any number is about the size of an average wikia page, with 320 being half, and so on:


Step 4

Copy and paste the link into wherever you need it; this link is known as the "direct link".


Step 5

Done! Enjoy your image:


We hope you enjoy your browsing and availability for image use!