Once upon a time, there was a boy named James. James was a member of Team Rocket. James loved his doll. He gave out dolls to kids, he gave out dolls to Jessie, etc. But there was one doll James forgot about..... Pepe the doll.

Chapter 2: James's Curse

James went down in Viridian Forest and met a ghost named Bob. Bob said, "I will curse you if you leave Team Rocket". James was mad at Bob. James said "I will leave Team Rocket if your curse is fake!" James got cursed. His doll named Pepe came alive and murdered everyone. James was left on earth.......

Chapter 3: James dies.

James got shot by Pepe the doll. Pepe then found someone named Crippy the Nickel. Crippy the nickel turned Pepe into a frog. And thus, Pepe was born. Download (2)

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