Agreed-upon points.
~Loose word usage

  • PBE 1 - Mother theory presented.
    • "The room belongs to the mother"
      • The room belongs to a female.
      • The room belongs to none of the three girls we meet in FNaF 4.
      • The room belongs to a family member.
      • It is most likely a mother.
    • PFF = Mother
      • The Flower parallels the poster in the room.
      • PFF's dialogue is motherly.
    • How she died
      • Fredbear's "Family" Diner = CC's "Family".
      • Absence of mother + PFF/Mother similarities + PFF/spirit similarities = Mother is dead.
  • Nam 1 - Retort
    • Agrees it is the mother's room, but questions if the mother is really dead.
      • The room belonging to a dead person is illogical.
      • The room shouldn't be in that shape.

  • Nam 2 - Puppet theory presented.
    • "The Puppet has similarities with CC"
      • Both are known to cry at a FFD, while everyone is happy.
      • CC has his own brother as an antagonist, paralleling Purple Guy's antagonism.
    • "The Puppet has similarities with PFF"
      • Both seem to like helping children who cries (MCI children and CC, respectively).
      • PFF is capable of thinking and teleporting, just like Phone Guy's description for The Puppet.
      • The "I will put you back together" line matches The Puppet's ability to give the children new life and, futuraly, bringing them peace again.
    • "Four Game. One Story."
      • The addition of CC and his mother arch unbalances this statement, while The Puppet = PFF keeps it consistent.