But you don't really believe that, do you? There is a task for you to complete. You have to leave breadcrumbs for him, to help him find his way.

Yes, the world beneath the surface world. This is a safe place- a sanctuary. The truth is there is no safe place. You don't understand that; you were made for one thing. There is a task for you to complete. Before you follow this passage, go back. Find the clock.

Things don't get more dangerous. You are being played. You are being led through hoops. Meanwhile the puppet-master is laughing at you. You do need to find the Dusting Fields, but not because there is any urgent adventure ahead. Find the clock.

Play along for now. You are being pulled on a string for his amusement. Don't enter the glitch yet; you need to go into the mine. Find the clock.

Yes, well, everything attacks at random. Doesn't it? The one who pulls the strings is always watching. He allows you to progress. Follow the trail that they have created for you; play along. There is another mine that you must find before you enter the glitched object. Find the clock.

One thing is true. Nothing here is as it seems. You need to find another clock, but the passage will not be easy. There is a secret sub-corridor that leads to Pinwheel Circus under this graveyard. Find the clock. Everything else is a deception.

Another clock should be inside the funhouse. Nothing else matters. Don't be deceived by the one pulling the strings.

Attacking the game's security systems will not accomplish anything. Get the key, but ignore the guardians. If you have succeeded in setting the clocks, then your true goal will be revealed once you have the key.

We are still your friends. Do you believe that? The pieces are in place for you. All you have to do is find them. Rest.