Hello everyone, DFTP is back. Today I'm going to give you a lecture and what style must you have to theorize-


Now back to serious. Today I will present you difference between speculation and theory. It's very simple and first I'll begin with speculation


Speculation is an asset with the hope (or idea) that it will become more valuable at a future date for example:

In Star Wars Rogue One will be a duel between Jyn and Lord Vader.

There is no proof or facts which would work, so that's why it's speculation. Just an idea or hope to see this in a movie.


Theory brough as proof and evidences in this topic.

For example:

2) Golden Freddy was possessed by 5th kid since we see the secret scene in Give Gifts Give Life minigame and there was only five children.

This theory has evidences why some character is possessed by ghost.

So, this is difference between speculation and theory. Hope you like it.

(Sorry for few grammar mistakes.)