Oh god what have I gotten into

Alright, well, here's my analysis of the FNaF 3 Cake Minigames. I don't really know if it will come to a definitive final point, but I really just hope to clear some stuff up, which I might not end up doing either, who knows? :3

Well, first off, each minigame has certain music playing in the background. I was able to find all 6 of these songs on SoundDogs, the presumed website Scott uses for his Stock Sounds (such as Freddy's Jingle). We can see, upon looking at these sounds, what the original names were for the sounds. The abbreviations provided are also what I'll be using as abbreviations, when applicable:

Well... that didn't really help much, but at least we found out something sorta interesting; every song is played on a musical jewelry box.

We also found out that Stage01's theme is from Swan Lake, I don't know if that's important or not...


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Well, anyways, almost every minigame has two colors associated with it as well; the color of their title and the color of the walls, respectively:

  • BBAA - #59E1CE, #435AAF
  • MQ - #FFFFFF, #882F8C
  • CP - #FBFF65, #258D1F
  • Stage01 - #CEB38D, #864032
  • Glitch - None, #882F8C
  • Happiest Day - #FBBDCA, #A5A5A5

I've not actually discovered any use for these yet, but I dunno, there could be one :3

The closest I've gotten is alikening the last one to Mangle, or alikening a couple of the hex codes to the kids who already have cake in "Happiest Day".

But, I've dwelled far too long on this stuff. Let's actually look at some of the easter eggs.

BB's Air Adventure

Well, this minigame is pretty damn confusing...

Alright, so... we start the minigame and collect 7 balloons. I do not think these balloons are relavant, in all honesty. What IS relevant, though, is one very important detail involving the 8th balloon.

Notice how in this minigame, there is a scoreboard that, oddly, counts up from 0 by hundreds up to 700.

I can't believe the entire community was so blind (including myself) in not realizing that this is an obvious link to the Scoreboard in "Give Gifts, Give Life".

In GGGL, there is a scoreboard in the top-left corner that, really, no one has cared about or even really thought about (sans Googlydoe).


And, as it reaches 800, the minigame ends, GF jumpscare, etc.

That same scoreboard is in BB's Air Adventure.


Same counting system, same ending number and everything. The only difference is the first zero is missing in BBAA, but whatever, the basic gist is the same.

So... what happens after you get the eighth balloon in FNaF 3? Well, this allows BB to access BBAA's crying child and allows Mangle to get the Cake in its minigame.

Within BBAA, there are three crying balloon boys underneath... a tree? Well, I actually have an explanation for the crying BB's.

I can connect it to my previous theory. There are 3 crying Balloon Boys, but there's also one non-crying Balloon Boy; you. Because the scoreboard is still at 700, three of the four kids have been given life (hence why they appear as spirits) but you have not been yet (hence why you are still an animatronic). That is, until you collect the eighth balloon. Or, is that really how it happens?

No, that can't be the case, because you can then return to the minigame (before collecting Mangle's Cake, mind you) and hop on your chain of balloons to find the actual 4th crying spirit. But, regardless, there are four crying spirits in both minigames and a scoreboard that counts by hundreds to 800 in both minigames.

But, then, what does that make us?

Well, I'm proposing the notion that we are playing as The Puppet in every minigame (given how the puppet was the one we played as in GGGL) and we'll just see how that plays out.

We should also note that this minigame takes Foxy to the Happiest Day minigame, implying the spirit we save here is Foxy's. Well, that makes sense when following this theory. There's three spirits with another one off to the side, in it's own place. If these four kids are the four kids who possessed the animatronics (sans GF, we'll address him later), then this minigame layout makes sense. Because, look at which location we are at:


Notice the three clouds? This is a representation of the FNaF 1 location. If that doesn't solidify this theory, I don't know what will.

Mangle's Quest

Oh, well, we've already hit a roadblock in the Puppet theory; we see the Puppet in this minigame.

This minigame really doesn't make any sense (granted, none of them do lol). So we'll start by trying to look for any sort of similarities between minigames that don't apply to this minigame.

Well... that's the problem. Every minigame is simple and connected. The green kid is from Chica's Party, the Balloons, wall glitching mechanic, and scoreboard are from BB's Air Adventure, the "secret area" is shared with every minigame, the only difference is the Puppet statue and the lack of a kid.

But, perhaps that's just it. The kid we're saving in this minigame is the Puppet. The only difference is, instead of bringing the cake to him, we're bringing him to the cake. That is consistent with the previous minigame (as we still play as the Puppet) while we still account for a child's spirit, the one child who needed a send-off the most, The Puppet.

That's what the massive Puppet represents; notice how its tear tracks are going all the way to the floor, something we don't see in the actual Puppet, but we do see in The Puppet's spirit from TCTTC. The Puppet's spirit is legitimately sad in this minigame UNTIL we get him the cake.

It's important to note that, at this point, we've not save any children yet. This is the reason why getting the cake is a prerequisite for saving the kids; because the one saving the kids never got cake.

I may have blown your mind, but I'm not going to outright say I did, unlike a... certain theorist. This has just been discovery after discovery for me.

Chica's Party

This minigame is my second favorite, after Stage01.

Well, there's really nothing inherently mysterious about this minigame, except for the five crying cupcakes. Notice how the spirits change from minigame to minigame? In BBAA, they were BB's because we were playing as BB. Now, they're cupcakes because we're playing as Chica. I propose these are the same spirits from BBAA. There's 5 of them, one for each animatronic (don't mind that Foxy has already been given cake)

So, which one is chasing us? Chica's spirit. Your bad parkour skills caused her spirit to not be saved because you fell through the floor.

But, whatever, this minigame is pretty basic other than that, and once you give Chica her cake, she appears in Happiest Day, alongside Foxy.


*squeals* My favorite minigame! :D:D

Well, there's not much to say here. This location is not Fredbear's Diner (notice, again, the three clouds which parallel the FNaF 1 Show Stage) and there's not actually 9 stages.

Only one stage is real; the one in position 6, under the one with the spirit in it. The one with the missing child. This minigame is simultaneous with the MCI, and that "missing child" is part of the "missing children" incident. This was the day the Spring Bonnie animatronic was moved (not the day management was made aware, mind you). Of course, again, it's all a representation, but the gist is still there.

Anyways, the minigame goes on, and we take Freddy's spirit to Happiest Day


This is a very basic minigame, we play as RWQFSFASXC (who is, again, actually the Puppet in this minigame) and go through various places and glitch our way to give cake to the Bonnie child. There's no easter eggs here, it's all just.

Happiest Day

The last minigame, in which it is revealed that we are playing as the Puppet, shows us taking cake to Golden Freddy's spirit.

I personally don't believe any further analysis is necessary. This theory, IMO, is the best explanation for the Cake Minigames and why they are able to trigger the good ending. You've gone through the effort of giving cake to the spirits and making them happy again.

There's a reason the Puppet also floats to the ground in that minigame. While you may only be seen giving cake to 5 children, there's a sixth one you've been giving proverbial cake to the entire time; the Puppet.

Also, if you're still not convinced and think these minigames are about CC... why? What difference does CC have in giving the good or bad ending? He's almost never considered to be one of the five spirits that need cake, the five of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy.

CC had his good ending. PFF puts him back together. His killer apologizes.

The MCI children never got that. Which is why, in my opinion, this theory is the right one.